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1. Application

These general conditions of sale apply to training, courses and workshops in massage, stress management, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, well-being, offered by the AMS Company. Any reservation of a training program implies, on the part of the Intern, or client, full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.

2. Admission requirements

Registrations are made on the registration form and within the limit of available places.

3. Reservation

The reservation for a training - an internship - or a workshop is only confirmed after return of the registration form accompanied by the payment of a deposit of 50% of the amount of the chosen training.

4. Terms of payment

Payments will be made payable to: AMS
Payments must be made by bank or postal check, by bank transfer or in cash,

5. Price

The prices are expressed in Euros.

6. Internship dates

The dates chosen for the various courses in France are not contractual and can be modified during the year. Please verify program dates prior to registering with AMS.

7. Outfit

It is advisable to wear soft and warm clothes. It is advisable to bring a large bath towel or sarong and shoes or socks reserved only for the inside.

8. Hygiene

Great bodily cleanliness is required of trainees. The same applies to the clothes worn during the course. As well as that of the towels or blankets used during the course.

9. Responsibilities

The AMS company is not responsible for the theft of materials and belongings belonging to trainees in

the enclosure of the course premises. The trainee fully engages his civil liability in the exercise of the massage.

10. Ownership of the AMS courses and logo

Any copying or reproduction in any form without permission from AMS is prohibited.

All forms of canvassing, advertising, sale of equipment and products, distribution of leaflets, are strictly prohibited within the framework of the courses, without authorization.

11. Security

You are asked not to smoke in the workspaces.

Trainees are responsible for their personal belongings and for any nuisance and damage that they could cause to premises, equipment and others.
Watch out for: bracelets, necklaces, chains, rings, you will be asked to remove them during the course. Any bodily injury resulting from the training must be immediately reported to the person in charge of the training course, authorized to establish a declaration within the framework of the civil liability of the AMS organization.

For an internship abroad you must have repatriation insurance of the "global assistance" or similar type, AMS cannot be held responsible or liable for the costs incurred or to be incurred by an intern requiring this type of need.

12. Certificate

An internship certificate is issued to the intern who has participated in a training course. This certificate is not a

diploma. It attests to the practice of training in massage or other by AMS and therefore of the knowledge acquired during this training. The internship certificate does not give the right to make medical diagnoses and / or criticize the opinions and advice of health professionals.

13. Canceling a program

If an internship were to be canceled by AMS for a major organizational issue, it would be postponed under the same conditions or would be fully reimbursed to the intern unable to attend.

Ex: In the event that the number of participants in a course is insufficient, AMS reserves the right to cancel a course up to 12 days before. You would then be fully refunded or postponed to another date. This cancellation could not give right to any compensation.

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If you cancel your course: Cancel your reservation within the required time. You will thus avoid costs and make it possible to free up a place for the benefit of a person on the waiting list.

- In the 7 days preceding the internship: The cost of the internship remains with us up to 50% Any cancellation or postponement due to a justified case of force majeure (illness, accident, bereavement, etc.), the cost of the internship will be fully reimbursed.

In the event of incapacity for medical reasons, the medical certificate must specify the inability to follow the internship. For any subsequent registration, a medical certificate attesting to the full capacity of the trainee will be required to validate the registration.

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Conditions for early termination of training or abandonment during the internship: Any internship started and abandoned during the course, because of the trainee, regardless of the date of termination or abandonment and whatever the reason, is fully due and will not give rise to any refund. However, in the event of absence justified by medical reasons or in the event of force majeure, the training sessions that could not be followed may be postponed to another session.

Registration for a program automatically implies acceptance of this article.

14. Community rules

On the training site, trainees are asked to: take care not to create noise pollution:

mobile phone, device or musical instrument too noisy, or other noisy manifestations As well as avoiding disturbance, deterioration or borrowing (not indicated) of objects, books and training materials. The greatest respect is required of trainees, vis-à-vis other members and facilitators of the course, but also trainees belonging to other groups who may be present on the site and managers and staff of the place where the course takes place. Any serious breach may lead to the eviction of the offender (s). The trainees must be exempt from any violence, racist and discriminatory attitude.

15. Respect

- Trainees are requested to respect the proposed working hours. Absences must, except

force majeure, be reported in advance.
- The trainees must conform to the proposed pedagogy which favors the building of confidence of

participants, respect for everyone (manners, philosophy, age, sex and race), learning through

- The facilitators will receive any comments and complaints from the trainees, will settle them or

will forward them to whom it may concern.
- Photos or films may only be taken during the massage sessions with the agreement of the

relevant trainees and management of AMS

- The trainees must arrive on time so as not to disturb the teaching and undertake to behave correctly during the lessons so as to allow a smooth progress of the teaching.

- AMS reserves the right to ask a trainee to stop following the training because of his behavior prejudicial to the smooth running of the courses.

- The exclusion cannot give rise to the payment of any compensation or reimbursement.

16. Force Majeure

AMS may withdraw from its obligations or suspend their performance if it is unable to

assume them correctly due to the occurrence of an exceptional event or a case of force majeure.

17. Complaints and disputes

No complaint about the progress of the service will be admissible after the day of that

this. These conditions of sale are deemed to have been accepted without reservation or restriction.
In the event of a dispute, and in the absence of an amicable agreement, the competent courts will be those of Nanterre, even in the event of a guarantee call or multiple defenders

Before submitting your form, contact AMS to verify the availability of dates and the maintenance of schedules.

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Nathan Amsallem Director

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

General conditions and internal regulations for AMS

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